Mill Hill Park

Mill Hill Park in Acton, London W3 is one of Ealing’s 29 conservation areas.

Ealing Council granted Mill Hill Park conservation area status in 1993 because of its architectural and design features and its distinctive atmosphere - that of any early garden suburb.

In 2007, the Council took its original designation further to maintain and raise conservation standards in Mill Hill Park, publishing a Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan.  The Appraisal picks out many of the impressive features from the Georgian, Victoria and Edwardian periods, which won Mill Hill Park its coveted designation, and which are crucial to its character.  They need continuous preservation and restoration.

Mill Hill Park’s conservation area status means that it is a protected area.

About conservation areas

Some changes to the appearance and layout of properties within conservation areas cannot be made without planning permission. The Council has the statutory job of preserving and enhancing conservation areas and stopping unsuitable developments inside or sometimes even outside their borders.

The Council appoints panels of local residents (Conservation Area Advisory Panels) who work to support the Council’s drive to conserve, restore and authentically improve the built environment in conservation areas. This includes the natural environment, such as trees.

The Mill Hill Park Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan are due to be reviewed in consultation with the Conservation Area Advisory Panel.

Protecting trees

The mature street trees in Mill Hill Park contribute to its special character and many are protected.  Even privately owned trees which are not visible from the street may be protected because they are in a conservation area or because they are subject to a tree preservation order (TPO).

Planning regulations

Our Planning section has details on the rules of conservation for properties and trees.  The rules are detailed and complex.  They are interpreted and applied by the Council’s Planning Team.  They may grant permission for proposed developments, refuse them, ask for amendments or add conditions.

Attractive design and upgrading

This presentation by Nigel Middlemiss, founder member of the Conservation Area Advisory Panel, highlights attractive examples of conservation-minded design and upgrading within the Mill Hill Park area.